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BlueRio Strategies, LLC Offers Transformative SHIFTS in personal and professional leadership, solutions for strategy, resilience and organizational development.

  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Training and Facilitation
  • Program Design and Delivery

Serving Social Entrepreneurs, Social Enterprises, City, State, Federal Agencies, Executives and other Coaches

Resilience and Transformations are the pillars for most of Jessi LaCosta's and BlueRio's service deliveries, whether directly or indirectly. We are at a cross-roads in society where our sustainability may come from the willingness to SHIFT our thoughts and skills into a mindset of resilience. Sometimes that involves profound transformations as well.

Personal and professional resilience is crucial for development and long-term sustainable success. Another way to view resilience is harnessing the power of adaptability and flexibility to move with the tide, to grow from the crisis or difficult situation.

It's not just about getting past your challenges, but thriving because of them. These lessons cross many cultural divides and can be applied to individuals, teams, organizations and even communities.

Shifts in strategy, leadership and communication come from meaningful examination, awareness and the energy to move thoughts into action. At BlueRio Strategies, as the founder, I employ tools and processes based in leading-edge brain and mind-science, authentic and purpose-driven branding and mindful strategies that develop leadership, strategy and communication at all levels. This involves professional coaching, intuitive consulting, training, workshops and retreats. When necessary I will also partner with other talented professionals to serve larger needs.


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LaCosta really gets it. She’s been there… She brings a sense of professionalism and yet a sense of acceptance, belief, and trust that almost everyone can thrive if they are just given the right tools and the right support.

Being in her presence is like being with a long-lost friend who became a wise sage ... who allows you to be with yourself – warts and all and then empowers you to become who you always dreamed you could be – the person you want others to see and know.” David – Balto., MD

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