Why have a coach?

To gain clarity around your life's purpose

To brainstorm with a trusted source

To tap into inner-strengths

To become more productive

To feel better about your choices

To take your career and your life to the next level


"I am truly humbled by Jessi's gratitude and knowledge as a coach . She wholeheartedly shows compassion and unwavering knowledge and gives truth to the meaning of empathy and strength. She's a true guide and mentor. Jessi goes exceedingly far beyond her job description and gives 1000% to each of her students and clients. I have honestly never come across someone who is so real and earnest yet so professional. Jessi is the epitome of a true leader, professional, and coach. I highly recommend Jessi as a coach and coaching instructor. She will far exceed all expectations. She truly cares about every individual and it shows. " Destinee Prete


Coaching offers guidance and groundwork for decision-making and growth. It delivers noticeable, genuine results. It is a powerful, profound resource for many people. At its core, it is about a relationship that results in clarity and purposeful potential. And it is about partnering for a win...

When you engage a coach - you are working with a trusted source who is willing to reflect, support and observe your blind spots to guide you in strengthening behaviors and strategies for growth - whether it be in your career, leadership styles or even in ways you grow your business. It is about moving your visions from thoughts into actions that drive results. It's about winning what you want - about developing a road-map so that you are on the right path.

Coaching is about YOU seizing opportunities to move to the next level, guided by someone whose only agenda is only to hold YOU to the highest level of possible achievement and positive change. This is where the win-win comes in. A coach understands at your core that you WANT to win. It may be a win in finding a new strength - it may be a win in landing a new job - it may be a win in feeling like your life is worthwhile - it could even be a win to build a super-successful team.

As a coach, whatever the goal is, I am also winning as I challenge you (and myself) to strategically - compassionately and in a respectful, yet strong way--- move you beyond where you are now. I will give you fair, honest and clear feed-forward to help remove roadblocks and blind spots - the things impeding your success.

I have a long history of helping people find clarity, experience paradigm shifts - get real with themselves and build roadmaps for their futures. Most of my clients do more than meet their goals - they surpass them.

  • Maybe you are just overwhelmed with all the decisions you must make at this stage in your lfe.
  • Maybe you are great in most situations - yet are challenged by just a few.
  • Maybe everything is fine - and yet you know with some confidential support and brainstorming, you can move that Fine to fantastic!
  • Maybe you simply cannot focus clearly on the steps needed to progress forward, even as you know where you want to go.
  • Or maybe you may know you wanty more and not sure what "that something more is."

Coaching creates a mirror by which you can get true, honest reflections. Together we can create strategies for you to launch forward, make positive change and achieve the goals you set.

Whether you lead a team, a department, or an entire company, or are transitioning in your career, you may feel alone facing the challenges ahead of you. Yet, with the support of a neutral, fair and resourceful coach you can stand strong, ready and equipped to face the future.

Coaching is not therapy and is not training. It is an experience of growth, guidance and empowerment.

"Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power." Lao Tzu

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Because your needs may vary, we offer several types of coaching and training: You can coach by the session or have a custom package created for you. For long-term engagements, nonprofit professionals, reservists and veterans, discounts may apply.

Leadership Coaching Team Coaching Communication Coaching/Training
Career Transition Coaching Military to Civilian Transitions Personal Brand Coaching
Crisis Communication Coaching/Training Conflict Resolution Coaching/Training Work-style, personality and leadership assessments


Coaching can help with a variety of goal areas.

According to the 2009 ICF Global Coaching Client Study, companies that use or have used professional coaching for business reasons have seen a median return on investment of seven times their initial investment. Individual clients reported a median return on investment of 3.44 times their investment.

In a recent Client Study performed by the International Coaching Federation the following key findings were identified:

  • 80 percent of individuals have experienced a positive change in self-esteem/self-confidence as a result of partnering with a professional coach.
  • Companies that use or have used professional coaching for business reasons have seen a median return on investment of 700 percent, or seven times their initial investment.
  • 83 percent of coaching clients reported being “very satisfied” with their coaching experience.
  • 96 percent of coaching clients indicated they would repeat the coaching process, given the same circumstances.

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