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Military to Civilian Integration Solutions: Insightful Masterful Meaningful

BlueRio Strategies offers programs for Veterans reintegrating into the civilian world as well as for the companies that hire them. More than JUST about the next steps, our programs are based on a three-prong foundation of: Transition, Integration & Sustainability.

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"If you have a chance, even a minute, to decide to work with BlueRio, take it. It is worth 10 times the cost, as they will care for your future more than you do, and will help you see your own picture more clearly. I am entering my 2nd career, and I would have loved to have had this sort of coaching / mentoring in my 20's. But, even though I didn't, I can clearly say that this time spent was way, way too short, just the right intensity, and may be the most impactful investment that I have made. GO FOR IT! " T.S. Navy Veteran

There are very valuable opportunities for our veterans to move onto their next careers, and equally powerful benefits to those companies who hire them. However, if not properly integrated - the veteran can find the experience overwhelming and frustrating. For the hiring manager, if expectations are not clearly designated, the experience can be equally disappointing. For both sides - the potential for success diminishes rapidly. The combination of coaching, consulting and human capital management transforms the experience from an option of success to extreme potential. Our programs are results-oriented, mission focused and performance based to deliver on your bottom-line needs.

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."  Winston Churchill

Why the Hawk? Attributes & symbolic meanings of the hawk:

  • Attention
  • Vision
  • Power
  • Energy
  • Leadership
  • Intensity

The hawk is considered a messenger and helps you pay attention, become more observant of your surroundings. It helps you – help yourself overcome difficult situations with perseverance and patience.  Hawk also teaches us about clarity, illumination and focus on correct paths for a purposeful life.

About the Hawk Specialists, Jessi LaCosta, Joseph Almond, Debra Pearce-McCall, PhD, LP, LMFT

    Jessi LaCosta - Instructor, Coach, Consultant

    An expert facilitator, Jessi LaCosta focuses on professional development, organizational effectiveness and community building. She is passionate about integrating branding, transformational leadership, strategic communication for sustainable community organizational and individual growth. Educated in Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB), which is based in more than 13 scientific disciplines, including neuroscience, sociology and biology, has equipped LaCosta with a deepened insight into managing crisis and conflict along with developing people to their fullest potential.

    Known for “laser-like focusing” on issues, always with a compassionate and creative approach, she is very skilled in helping others find clarity in their situations. She is a sought-after speaker on issues such as branding, strategic communications and motivation. Additionally, as an assault survivor, she is often invited to present and write on the topics of overcoming adversity, conflict resolution and empowerment. LaCosta works with a wide array of clients including but not limited to:  scientists, healthcare professionals, nonprofit leaders, CEOS, government administrators, military veterans and small business owners.

    While not a Military Veteran herself, she has friends in most branches. Her late uncle was Vietnam Veteran, his still-living wife, her Aunt, was in the Army. She has an uncle who was in the Navy, her father-in-law was in the Army, and even has a distant, deceased relative who fought in the Civil War. Since 2011, she has been active as a contract facililtator one week per month in a well-respected San Diego nonprofit (REBOOT) whose mission is to "...assist veterans in making a successful transition from military service to civilian life,"

    LaCosta holds a B.S. degree in Corporate Media, an M.A. degree in Communication Design and Certificate in Leadership, a certificate of completion in Interpersonal Neurobiology, certificate of completion in conflict resolution, is also a certified mediator, and a Board Certified Coach with special designations in Career and Corporate/Leadership Coaching, as well as Certified Mastermind Executive Coach

    "I just wanted to thank you for your speech. It was so appropriate. The material was relevant to the audience. I appreciated how you incorporated statistics with personal stories. I was moved by what you said..You were the perfect speaker to address our audience on Sept. 11th. Thank you for your time, energy and making our event extra special." Lovedy Zie-Carroll, Pala Casino Spa Resort

    Joseph Almond - Advisor

    Joseph serves as an advisor to the Hawk Collaborative. He is an Army Veteran, author, speaker and consultant.  He has 16 years expertise as a consultant specializing in the area of Diversity and Inclusion.  In addition to other consulting work he is also a facilitator for REBOOT, a San Diego Nonprofit veteran transition program. He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies in their planning and implementation of their Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives. These organizations have often exceeded their strategic goals.  The results have yielded more inclusive work environments and improved hiring practices.  Some of these organizations have been recognized as leaders in the area of Diversity and Inclusion.  Joseph has been praised for his ability to link people and productivity to company profitability.

    Joseph's management and military background provides the foundation for his strength in Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion and Coaching.  Joseph's career has equipped him to consult with diverse organizations. These include corporate, government, military, restaurants, hospitals, telecommunications, energy, real estate, oil& gas, non-profit and community based organizations.

    Joseph has developed and delivered curriculum in the areas of: Leadership and Diversity & Inclusion for his clients. He has a Bachelors Degree in Business Management and is earning his MA.  He is a certified Mediator and a Certified Mastermind Executive Coach.

    "I have known Mr. Almond for over eight years and have worked with him in various workshops as a co-facilitator during that period.  I have personal experience of his talent, maturity, motivation, work ethic, ability to work with and motivate others and his adaptability in new in challenging situations." - B. Kitchen

    Debra Pearce-McCall, PhD, LP, LMFT - Advisor

    Debra Pearce-McCall, PhD, LP, LMFT (Portland, OR) provides consultation, training, and psychotherapy to thought and change leaders, healthcare, education, and legal professionals, and high achievers in performance arts and sports. Currently, she serves as President of the Global Association for Interpersonal Neurobiology Studies and is the Co-Executive Editor of the GAINS Journal. She helped create and continues to teach in the Graduate Certificate Program in Interpersonal Neurobiology at Portland State University. She is a licensed psychologist, a licensed marriage and family therapist, an AAMFT approved supervisor, and has experience with executive and organizational coaching, and with many methodologies of change.

    Debra’s work experiences range from clinics for underserved populations to partner in a renowned psychotherapy agency to executive director in a healthcare corporation. She has been studying human systems, the mind, relationships, and well-being since the 1970s, when she earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Pennsylvania. She holds graduate degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Minnesota and has taught at several universities. She brings her excitement about understanding our relating brains and minds into everything she does.

    Her desire to see veterans assisted with respect, compassion, and expertise has been deeply informed by her love and admiration for her stepfather, a retired two-star general.

    We are here to serve you.

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