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“Change the way you look at something and the thing you look at changes.” Dr. Wayne Dyer


Most of us want improvement and growth. Most of us have great ideas, good intentions and the desire to succeed. And yet most of us, at some point have been stuck, or faced with a cross in the roads and not confident about the path to take.

I am a Leadership Coach and Resilience Advisor who uses breakthrough strategies based in neuroscience to transform individuals, organizations and communities. Many solutions I offer as an external consultant or coach, and often I build a reputable team of experts to bring forth the best and most relevant ideas for you -the client.

Personal and professional resilience is crucial for development and long-term sustainable success. Having experienced challenges at extreme levels - and yet having moved beyond them, I enjoy helping others to to do the same. It's not just getting past your challenges, though but thriving because of them. These lessons cross many cultural divides and can be applied to individuals, teams, organizations and even communities.

How do I do this?

I meet people where there are, and together we face problems and opportunities so that we can move forward to where they want to be.  It’s one thing to talk about missions and visions and strategy, it’s another thing to transform thought into action. I work with individuals, community leaders, executives and groups to gain clarity around their crucial situations and their best potential, bringing a mindful strategy for action planning that is influenced by evidence-based brain research, communication and branding strategies, resilience and leadership tools.

BlueRio Strategies is my coaching and consulting firm. Its goals are to create sustainable practices that yield long-term growth, vision-inspired careers and socially relevant solutions.  Services include branding, leadership and resilience development, strategic planning  and program development, career and leadership coaching. Also as part of a Social Entrepreneurial mission, BlueRio offers affordable training, developed a new coaching model, Coaching Through Acceptance© and founded the USA’s First Center for Credentialing and Education BCC-Approved Veteran Focused Coach Certification Training Program that produces quality, certified coaches who can assist military veterans with career and life mapping for transitioning into the civilian sector. Most recently BlueRio launched its second full coach certification program, Lead and Thrive. This program produces graduates who specialize in Leadership, Resilience and Capacity Development.

 To understand more about the approach BlueRio uses, read more here.

"Focused on Results - Driven by Vision"

• Resilience Development
• Leadership Development
• Conflict Management
• Branding Strategies

Coach Training:
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“LaCosta really gets it. She’s been there… She brings a sense of professionalism and yet a sense of acceptance, belief, and trust that almost everyone can thrive if they are just given the right tools and the right support.

Being in her presence is like being with a long-lost friend who became a wise sage ... who allows you to be with yourself – warts and all and then empowers you to become who you always dreamed you could be – the person you want others to see and know.” David – Balto., MD

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